Blueberry Pharmacy

Founder and Pharmacist

Dr. Kyle McCormick

In Somerset, PA (my hometown), I got my pharmacy start when I was 18 at Findley’s Pharmacy. A staple in town for over 80 years, Findley’s had a strong traditional independent pharmacy aura, from its appearance to the wooden nickels that would occasionally show up (having been circulated years before at the pharmacy). There, I cemented my love of the community feel of an independent pharmacy. Getting to know the community by caring for their health is a special experience. 

After graduating from Pitt Pharmacy in 2014, I entered a residency program with Gatti Pharmacy (in Indiana, PA) and Pitt. Finding that year rewarding, I stayed on with Gatti Pharmacy as their director of clinical services. The pharmacy landscape changed significantly over this time and I had the opportunity to observe and learn from the great Gatti team. The experience and knowledge gained during this time formed the foundation that has allowed me to build Blueberry Pharmacy. 

I’ve always had a dream of opening my own pharmacy. In school, my friends and I had planned everything from a science center/pharmacy to french bakery and cafe/pharmacy. Although Blueberry Pharmacy is neither of these, we strive to always try new things here. We want your experience to be special, and different. With my roots in small-town pharmacy, it is my hope that you always feel known, welcomed, and cared for at Blueberry Pharmacy. We welcome all ideas and feedback to make Blueberry Pharmacy an enjoyable and unique place.

Outside of pharmacy, he and his wife, Pam (who you’ll see regularly at the pharmacy as she is also a pharmacist), spend time spoiling their son and hanging out with family. As National Park enthusiasts, you may also catch us at one of 419 national parks!

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