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Blueberry Pharmacy sets itself apart from the rest by providing access to low-cost medications without the need for insurance. With optional membership programs available to fit patients’ needs, the savings people see on their medications are substantial. Nestled in West View Borough, we happily serve the entire Pittsburgh community. We treat our community like family and employ sustainable business practices to make the world a better place. Commitment to community, transparency, and sustainability make Blueberry Pharmacy unlike any other pharmacy: Welcome to different.


What our patients say:

Sally S
Sally S
We were able to save $100 on a prescription for my husband. This place is amazing. Very nice people too!
Ahjot Co
Ahjot Co
I am so glad that Dr. Timothy Wong's IHealth referred me to your pharmacy. Indeed your pharmacy offers great services and equally great prices. Thank you for your excellent services. A very grateful and happy customer.
Gwen Schlick
Gwen Schlick
I use my local pharmacy only after my deductible is met but I am not sure that will be happening anymore. $18 for a 30 day supply of Famotidine versus $8 for a 90 day supply at Blueberry! Thanks to Kyle and his staff for always being so kind and helpful! Everyone should be using Blueberry!!
James Lewis
James Lewis
Alisher Rasulov
Alisher Rasulov
William Andrews
William Andrews
My wife and I both utilize the services of Blueberry Pharmacy. The service is impeccable, even with followup calls to insure your medication is working for you, with any side effects. The pharmacists and staff are very friendly and efficient, with rapid mail delivery or seemless transactions at the store. Lastly, the cost of the drugs is extremely competitive. Our medication costs have been reduced by over 70%. I very highly recommend Blueberry Pharmacy.
Melinda Lee
Melinda Lee
Merritt Wherry
Merritt Wherry
I am blown away by the quality of customer service at this pharmacy. CVS could never. Switched over and I'm never looking back. They get my meds for hella cheap and deliver. I'll rave about this place to everyone I know it's amazing.
Anne Collier
Anne Collier
I'm in the process of getting my first prescription from Blueberry and it has been the absolute best pharmacy experience. I've been getting my MS medication from specialty pharmacies with a copay of anywhere from $100-$300 per month. Blueberry is way more affordable - I'll be paying $40 per month now. The team is also fabulous! My doctor sent them my prescription and they called to set up shipment within hours of my appointment. The woman I spoke with was absolutely delightful. Then, I got a text saying my package couldn't be delivered because the address was incorrect. It asked for my credit card info for redelivery so I called Blueberry and spoke with Kyle - he checked everything out and my package was on track for delivery. He was so helpful and kind, not to mention he saved me from a scam! Beyond thrilled with Blueberry so far!
it's ME
it's ME

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Is Blueberry Pharmacy a real pharmacy in Pittsburgh?

Yes! We are a licensed pharmacy. Our team and staff have 20+ years in pharmacy, patient-care experiences. You can find our license on file with the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy

How are the medications so cheap?

We sell the same medications as every other pharmacy. We avoid extra costs like retail space costs and insurance contracts. Because we are an independent pharmacy, we also negotiate with suppliers to find you the best price for your medications.

Can you beat this coupon price? Can you beat GoodRx medication prices?

We get the best price we can for every patient. Coupons and GoodRx (which is more like an insurer with a really good website) are one way that healthcare has found to get more money from insurers and clinicians in a way that passes on the costs to patients like you. We believe transparency and patient care is most important. Sometimes, the best medication is at a price we cannot compete with because of the games that insurances and other healthcare institutions play. If we could buy apples at $5, we would want to sell them for $5. Another other store might sell apples for $1 and sell oranges for $100. If the other store sells enough oranges for that price (and the insurance pays it) then they don’t care about the price of the apple. We know “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. A Blueberry (Pharmacy) on your side is the best med price guide.

Why the name Blueberry Pharmacy?

We wanted the pharmacy to represent the community and more than just the name of the owner. The founder, Kyle, and his wife, Pam, talked about naming technology companies and fruits sounded like a healthy option. After narrowing to names like “watermelon”, the final decision was Blueberry Pharmacy. Blue everything has been great and we haven’t regretted it.

How tall are you?

6 foot 7 inches. Yes, I played basketball. No, I was not good enough to play for Pitt (H2P!). Yes, I will try my best to avoid blocking your view at the Steelers game.