Blueberry Pharmacy

Success! 109 doses out in 22 hours

February 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup? 

You can sign up for the Vaccine Waiting list on the Blueberry Pharmacy Website.

When will you have more vaccine?

Our notification that we were receiving vaccine came only 12 hours before it showed up. Communication from the state has been lackluster. We have requested thousands of vaccine from the state only to receive 100. When we received those hundred doses, we got all 100+ doses into patient arms that same day. We hope to be as quick to respond with future clinics but can only do so at the rate we are provided vaccine.

I got my first dose, what will happen with my second dose?

We will keep you updated about doses and information as we receive information from the state. 

Seriously, How tall is Kyle?

Again, Kyle is 6 foot 7 inches. The rest of our Vaccine squad is closer the population average. This means no-one will have to stand on a ladder or stoop down to receive their vaccine. We guarantee it.